barbed wire

Barbed Wire:

Concertina Barbed Wire Consists of single strand high tensile steel wire and 4 points of Mild Steel wire bars as about 63.5mm spacing the coil of about 25 kilogram is about 1020 mm in diameter and consist of 70 spiral turns to be connected by steel clips so as to form A cylindrical diamond- pattern mesh when it is extended to a coil of length about 17 meter. One end turn of the coil is fitted with four bundling wire for securing the coil when closed and each end turn is fitted two steel carrying loops. It is dipped in black preservative or galvanized.

It is also frequently used as a weapon in hardcore professional wrestling matches, most often as a covering for another type of weapon—Mick Foley was infamous for using a two-by-four wrapped in barbed wire—and infrequently as a covering of or substitute for the ring ropes
Widest range of filtration, from over 6 inch aperture down to I micron nominal.