hexagonal wire

Hexagonal Wire

Triple twisted Hexagonal Wire Mesh is mainly used for gabion & mattress. All mattresses are semi assembled and flat packed. They are to be opened and laced into parallelepiped shapes at site, tensioned, filed and closed and connected into, with lacing wires. Theses Gabions are made to various customers' specifications.

Assortment Available:
Electro-Galvanized Iron Wire, Hot-Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire and PVC Coated & Powder Coated Iron Wire Mesh.

As building Aquifer, recharge dams, Spillways lining, culvert footings, pier protectors, wire, barricades, bulwarks, causeways, antierosion bunds, roadways shoulder, supports wall, landslide protection walls, breakwaters, saddles and many similar structure that have withstood nature's fury.