STONEMESH Concertainer is used extensively in the protection of personnel, vehicles, equipment and facilities from the effects of weapons. Structures built from STONEMESH Concertainer provide protection by enhancing the mass and characteristics of the fill material, and have been subjected to testing with charges up to 20,000lbs.

The primary advantage of STONEMESH Concertainer over other force protection systems is its ability to utilise locally available fill material to rapidly construct defence walls and other structures with minimal manpower and resources.

Concertainer Barrier is moving forward with a commitment not only to enhance security for forces behind the blast walls,but also to provide detection and assessment of infusions through electronics surveillance system to designated sites and their preimeter areas.

Typical Applications Include :-

Perimeter Security and Defence Walls
Equipment Revetments
Ammunition Compounds
Personnel and Material Bunkers
Observation Points
Defensive Firing Positions
Guard Posts
Explosives and Contraband Search Areas
Highway Checkpoints
Border Crossing Checkpoints
Protecting Existing Structures
Highway Traffic Management